Critical Tech, Race, Art and Data

Facilitated by Lane Digital

“I just don't want to have this kind of technological determinism that a camera will save us from the camera, because it definitely won't. Videos alone won’t make things substantially different for black people resisting surveillance or white supremacy. But there is something, with those videos showing our own narration of them, our ways of understanding that moment, to recognize white supremacy and to challenge it, that's happening now. But it's still black death.” - Simone Browne, How Surveillance Has Always Reinforced Racism

Simone Browne talks a lot about technological determinism, this is, for us as practitioners, designers, the space that we’re in. How can we interrogate the tools that we use, and also the choices of the tools that we decide to use, because we legitimize them by using them - and not just ideas and concepts, we legitimize tools.

The Facilitator

Lane Digital are a group of curious creators who are passionate about design. We build human-centered, community-focused concepts that lead to a more just and equitable future. Our interdisciplinary studio is about unearthing and unsettling—we work together to conceptualize new ways of listening, seeing, feeling, and understanding social issues through design.

Our work is rooted in black, queer, anti-capitalist, diasporic, feminist methodology, and pedagogy. We co-create with the communities we are a part of. We have created apps, websites, interactive art installations, workshops, toolkits, curriculums, films, performances, and more